Plot the Course, RIM Basics cartoon
UISL training, April 15, 2023

These slides were presented to the User Information Security Lead (UISL) Group in 2023. They provide a broad overview of records management in the UC system. For more specific guidance and questions, contact Diane Lallemand.

Should you keep it?

This short presentation includes information on:

  • Desfensable Disposition
  • The UC Records Retention Schedule
  • Applicability of the Schedule
  • Email as a business record
Best Practices in Email Management

Email management continues to be the number one challenge to responsible data stewardship. Consult this guidance when considering whether or not emails should be saved.

Practices for protecting electronic P3-P4 data

All data and information created, received and/or collected by UC (Institutional Information) must be protected from unauthorized access or disclosure. Everyone at UCSC has a responsibility to protect university data under their jurisdiction or control.

This page includes practices for protecting all P3-P4 university data. 

Quick start information

This brochure is handed out at UC events and details how can you get started and participate in records purging events?

How to use the Retention Schedule

Navigating the UC Records Retention Schedule can take a moment to figure out. UC Office of the President has offered this guide to assist viewers in the task.

Managing Electronic Messages as University Records, UCOP

Electronic messages sent or received in the course of conducting University of California business are administrative records subject to University records policies, guidelines, and retention schedules. UC Office of the President offers this guide to help employees understand the basics.

Federal Digitization Standards

UC Santa Cruz is not bound by the Federal Digitization Standards detailed by the National Archives and Records Administration provisions; however, some practices listed in Title 36  Chapter XII  Subchapter B  Part 1236 are helpful to consider.

Last modified: Dec 19, 2023